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Jack Doherty Net Worth – $7 million

What is Jack Doherty’s net worth? Who is Jack Doherty’s girlfriend?


Jack Doherty is most well known as one of the new breed of YouTube pranksters who pull stunts and prank their buddies—and the general public—to boost their view count on the famous video streaming platform.

Doherty—who launched his YouTube career as a child—has pulled off daredevil stunts at water parks, launched himself off bridges, and tread a fine line between barely legal and definitely illegal numerous times.

While some of his stunts are fascinating—like this one where he flips a bunch of stuff—some of them have been slammed for wasting police resources and interfering with people’s jobs.

Whatever you think of Jack Doherty, here’s everything we know about the young New York influencer.

The Origin Story

Jack Doherty was born on October 8, 2003, in New York.

His mom, Anna, is Polish, and his dad, Mark, is New York born and bred.

Jack has a brother named Michael and a sister named Joanna.

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His siblings very rarely appear in his videos, but his parents have been involved in some of his content from time to time.

Doherty’s mom is critical of his career choice, but still has her son’s back when he gets in trouble—which seems to happen on a pretty regular basis.

His dad, on the other hand, is his biggest supporter and encourages Jack to pursue his goal to be famous.

Jack lives in Sea Cliff, New York—a tiny village in the Oyster Bay township, about 25 miles from Manhattan.

The upmarket village has private beaches—accessible only by membership.

He shares the high-end sprawling property with friends, and his two dogs—Cash and Major.


While all roads point to Jack Doherty currently being single—a status he’s enjoying while he spends time with his “bois”—he was linked to fellow social media star Samantha Frank.

Frank, who became popular on TikTok with her lip sync videos, and has six siblings, was introduced to Jack’s followers in his meet my new girlfriend…*not clickbait* video on November 30, 2019.

She appeared across much of his content throughout their relationship, until he announced to his fans that they’d broken up less than 8 months later.

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In 2023, Jack Doherty is dating McKinley Richardson, a fashion model and social media influencer.

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The Making of an Influencer

Doherty launched his YouTube channel in July of 2016, and posted his first video two months later.

That first video showed him flipping a marker twice in a row and being really excited.

He scored his first 100 subscribers off that video, and it motivated him to take YouTube seriously as a platform—and eventually, a career.

As he posted more content of him doing tricks and stunts, his follower count grew.

At some point he realized that his subscribers liked drama, and—always looking for ways to grow his brand—he gave it to them.

Prank videos ensued.

From getting kicked out of Walmart over a lava challenge, to getting kicked out of Walmart for singing Despacito on the store’s intercom system, to getting kicked out of kids’ trampoline parks, getting suspended from school, airhorn intercom pranks, and skipping 27 days of school—Jack loved the drama.

And it’s no surprise.

Doherty lists his idols as Jake and Logan Paul—the most notorious and ridiculed influencers on YouTube.

Love them or hate them, they’re known for taking pranks too far and seeking out drama for attention.

In His Idols’ Footsteps

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Like his role models, Jack has found himself in hot water after taking desperate action for views.

Often thrown out of local businesses for his rude and inappropriate behavior, the teen’s tarnished reputation only seems to make him more appealing to fans.

On some social media sites, viewers have likened Doherty to “watching a car crash” in that you can’t look away.

Still, some of his die-hard supporters vehemently defend his actions, saying it’s all just for fun and nobody is getting hurt.

That wasn’t altogether true, though.

In 2020, the FBI contacted Doherty after he “Zoom-bombed” a school’s online classes—which resulted in the school’s online education forum being shut down.

As a result, many kids missed out on what had already been a sporadic year of learning.

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Facing Up To Dr. Phil

In 2020, Jack Doherty appeared on The Dr. Phil Show with his father.

His brother, Michael, also appeared via webcam from his home, alongside a video of him confronting Jack.

Jack had stolen his luxury car and taken off down the street. When Michael caught him, he hit him several times.

In the video, Dr. Phil tried to share some advice he’d been given from genuine social media superstars–the type with tens of millions of followers.

Doherty didn’t want to hear it.

He interrupted several times and made awkward comments.

Dr. Phil cut the segment short and sent Doherty and his father offstage so he could move on to a new topic.

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Jack Doherty – Net Worth

So, how much is Jack Doherty worth?

Doherty earned most of his wealth from uploading on TikTok, selling merch, ads on YouTube, and sponsors.

On YouTube, Jack has over 4 billion views, meaning about $12 million in revenue before taxes.

Doherty sells merch on bangermerch.com.

On TikTok, Jack has more than 4.2 million followers.

Therefore, Jack Doherty has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

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Jack Doherty Net Worth | Girlfriend - Famous People Today (2024)


What is Jack Doherty's girlfriend's name? ›

Jack Doherty and his girlfriend McKinley Richardson have been together since 2023, often appearing together on each other's social media pages as well on Jack's streams on Kick.

What is Jack Doherty's number? ›

#19 Jack Doherty

This statistic shows which squad numbers have already been assigned in their history and to which players.

How old is McKinley from Jack Doherty? ›

Profile summary
Full nameMcKinley Jane Richardson
Date of birth17 January 2003
Age21 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac signCapricorn
Place of birthChampaign, Illinois, United States
19 more rows
Mar 11, 2024

Who is the father of Jack Dougherty? ›

Jack was born in Bowling Green, Missouri, to Roy Dougherty and Julia Ach.

How tall is Jack Doherty? ›

Height, Weight6'2", 182 lbs
FromCanberra, AUS
2 more rows

What car does Jack Shepherd drive? ›

Using the 'getaway' car in the short story 'Lost' was a play on words and mind. I made it a Bronco because in one of my favorite TV shows ever (LOST), the main character Jack Shepard drove a beautiful, vintage Ford Bronco on the show.

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Munich. It is widely known that BMW cars have always been at home on the big screen.

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